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We are equipped with the latest technology to reduce your time in-hospital and increase your comfort while treatment.

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We have over 10 years of experience treating patients as best Dental Hospital in Pune. You have every opportunity to set up an appointment with us.

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Our Hospital has been certified by various associations such European Medical Association, British Parliment.

Welcome to Dr. Aaditya’s Advance Dental Hospital

In the past decade, dentistry has been more of a general practice, which has evolved to a more specialized practice now. Today dentistry offers various specialists for complete dental care. We at Dr. Aaditya’s Advance Dental Hospital provide speciality dental treatment with digital / computer controlled components to carry out dental procedures. We used as a way to facilitate dental treatments and propose new ways to meet rising patient demands.

We at Dr. Aaditya’s Advance Dental Hospital are fully equipped with worlds best German and U.S Technological equipment’s. At “Dr. Aaditya’s Advance Dental Hospital” we help you to achieve a perfect & aesthetic smile. With quality & speciality treatment, we also take utmost care in caries prevention, especially in children. “Dr. Aaditya’s Advance Dental Hospital” is a place of perfect cleanliness & infection control with “Class B” sterilization procedures.

Our Treatments

Dental implants are surgical-grade root devices that support permanent tooth prosthetics that are manufactured to last a lifetime.

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Bridges prevent the surrounding teeth from moving or shifting in the mouth. A missing tooth that is not replaced..

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Invisible aligners or clear aligners used in Teeth alignment or correction without wearing metallic braces

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the removal of the infected soft tissue within the tooth and its replacement by a suitable biocompatible material.

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Dr. Aaditya’s Advance Dental Hospital offers a variety of fast & effective treatments to revitalize your smile, With healthy teeth

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The process starts with protecting the gums and lips so that only the teeth are exposed during the procedure.

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